Jun. 11th, 2009

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Yesterday, I finally decided to try to put into practice a resolution I had made around New Year's: that I would start working out (again!) after I was done with my dissertation. I oiled my bike (it's old, and it squeaks terribly otherwise) walked it a block to the nearby oil-lube change place, and got the tires reinflated. Then I biked for approximately 20 minutes, covering about 2 miles -- half of which was uphill.

Ugh. When I made it home up the (seemingly endless!) hill, huffing and puffing, I thought my body was going to just go kaput. I was dizzy, nauseated, and cramping. Not fun.

Today, I still feel a bit queasy but oddly my shoulders and neck are really, really sore and stiff. Not my legs. Weird.

I have never in my life felt "runner's high" or any kind of endorphin kick after exercising. Usually, I feel good only in the (fastidious) sense of checking off something from my to-do list. Yesterday was no exception, obviously. I keep asking myself if I want to go biking again today. I really should build up a routine or habit but... I hate exercising, especially in solitary activities. I do better in a class, but right now (jobless!) I don't want to put up the cash for a class. Pathetic, am I. Back to biking it is. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. We'll see.


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