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Well, we got back Friday night from a week-long bus tour through Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Jackson's Hole, among a few other stops. Up at fricken 5 am everyday, to the hotel/motel at 8pm every night. Get on the bus, get off the bus to go to bathroom, back on the bus, repeat. It was nice to have time with the family. Kind of. My body doesn't thank me. My knees especially did not like being cramped up for more than 12 hours a day. There were little spats among family members. And I (of course!) got bitten by mosquitoes in Yellowstone. I'm virtually a mosquito magnet.

The tour guide jipped us on meals. She offered a package of 8 meals for $80 per person. Seems like a good deal, until we got to each restaurant and realized that she was paying less than $10 per person (and of course, with such a large group of people she no doubt also got a group discount on top of that!). Ugh. There were also spats between her and my mom over seating arrangements and whatnot.

My sister-in-law, her kids, and her parents left a day early, taking a flight from Las Vegas back to LA. She left two suitcases of dirty clothes for us to take care of when we arrived back in LA. Of course, despite numerous messages, conversations, and assurances on her part, she wasn't at home to pick us up when we arrived. Then, there was (stupid!) weirdness on her and my brother's part about getting the luggage. Of course they need the luggage NOW (despite not being there to pick us up when we arrived)! Don't we understand that it's a lot of dirty laundry that must be taken care of RIGHT AWAY??? Dude. If it's that important, then why the hell didn't she just take the suitcases with her when she hopped on the plane???

Then after that mess, we rushed to get bentos from Tapioca Express to eat at the Hollywood Bowl. The boba place had to switch our orders to ones that were quicker to make because they hadn't made them when we had ordered them to be done by. Oops. The show at the Bowl was good, especially the fireworks. They had some guy named John Fogerty for the second half of the program. Seemed like a lot of people knew his music, but too country for me. I'm all alt-rock.

Still tired out, even two days after the trip ended. Also back to writing job app stuff. Joy.


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