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So, I sold the refrigerator - yay! I was really worried that I'd have to take it with me when I moved, and then try to sell it from my new apartment, which would not have made my new roommie happy. However, I did have to lower the price to $275 from $350. *sniff* I started listing it on Craig's List for $350, and then I had to lower it as the weeks passed and on one came to buy it (though I had some flaky people who said they would, and never showed).

I also sold one of the bookcases, so now there're only two left to sell, and I sold the futon mattress, though again I had to lower the price from $50 to $30. Phooey. I also sold the desk accessories to the same guy who bought the fridge, and he had the gall to accuse me of being a "burglar" who's taking all his money when he picked up more than four things from my pile of "to sell" items and took them without paying my asking price on the posting! So, essentially, he only paid for the desk accessories, the bookcase, and the fridge, while he got two sets of martini glasses, a chrome utensil tray, a framed poster, a steel lotion dispenser, and a shoji screen for free! *gnashes teeth* This is what happens when you're desperate to sell; the vultures just come circling in, and pick your bones clean.

So, I have two bookcases, the occasional table, and my filing cabinets left of the "big" furniture, and I have several miscellaneous household goods such as a towel holder, steel vase, steel retro bucket, etc.

Well, my uncles from Taiwan are visiting, and I'm going to meet them for dinner now. Perhaps the rest of the "big" furniture will sell tomorrow? Or not.
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Lots to do, so little inclination to do it.

I finished the syllabus for the class on Asian American Women. I decided to split the 15 weeks into Part I: history, politics, sociology, and Part II: popular culture. Most of the reading will be from articles that I need to scan into pdf format. And I just spent ONE HOUR scanning two articles (approx. 30 pages) only to discover, when I converted the images into pdf, that the sucky, stinky scanner had cut off portions of pages! Argh! The missing portions aren't even from the top or bottom; they're from the edges. *grinds teeth* I will have to take the mess of anthologies and books to campus and use the library media center to scan the articles. Stupid, shitty scanner.

I also decided this week that the money I get from selling items on Craig's List will go towards paying professional movers. I had hoped to save some of that money by hiring a truck and getting either day laborers or friends to help me get stuff loaded and unloaded. Unfortunately, that also depended on my doing some "light" moving before the end of the month whenever I went down to Irvine. However, my new roommie is too stressed out with studying for her exams (which I completely understand) to make room for my boxes o' stuff, and so she'd rather I waited until the last week of August to move. Well, that kind of time crunch means that I would be doing a lot of back-and-forth for the last week of August, and I'm just not up for that physically, emotionally, psychologically, not too mention my poor car isn't up for that either. I decided to save myself some mental and physical stress by hiring movers rather than doing it myself.

And I just got back from dinner at Todai's with my family. We celebrated my mom's birthday with an orgy of sushi. I'm now fit to burst. Ugh. Too full, too full, about to explode! Food coma. Must sleep it off.
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So, I've been taking digital pictures, cropping and brushing up their contrast to post in ads for Craig's List for the last two weeks.

This is both the advantage and disadvantage of Craig's List: you can post/sell almost anything, but the buyer may not actually show up in person to buy! I'm feeling really frustrated. A lot of the big pieces of furniture are still here. I've sold some odds and ends, most notably my computer armoire and TV stand today, and my full-sized bedframe last week, but my Billy bookcases, despite generating a modest amount of interest, ARE STILL HERE. People keep inquiring, but not buying!

To sell:

3 Billy birch-veneer bookcases
2 2-drawer white filing cabinets
Asian/Chinese-style wood occasional table
Asian bamboo lamp
steel/chrome desklamp
white fold-out kitchen/hobby table
4 white wood chairs with seat cushions
futon mattress with blue cotton cover
various desktop accessories
2 off-white patio chairs
2 sets of martini glasses
miscellaneous decorative pieces
Bionaire air purifier


full-sized bedframe
cherry wood computer armoire
birch-veneer TV stand
vintage red leather wing armchair

Geez, I've only sold four pieces of furniture. This sucks. I really want everything gone as soon as possible so that I can clear space for packing boxes.

Moving is such an enervating process. I've been feeling drained for the last week. I can't get myself to work on my dissertation (not that I did all that much on it last month!), though I finally completed the syllabus for the course on Asian American Women for CSU Fullerton. Now I just have to make the photocopies and pdf files before the class starts. Fun.
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Okay, so the title is a bit weird, but it was what came to mind when silently chanting, "Moving, moving, moving" in my head.

I'm packing up home and hearth, and moving house -- again! Well, at least it's not a yearly event, as it was during my undergraduate years. *shudder* I've stuck it out in LA for two years now. Sadly, when you're not a total party-animal or clubber or have a partner, LA is rather lonely and isolating. There's so much to do, but I can't go to restaurants and cultural events by myself. I would feel even more lonely if I did that, and I couldn't enjoy my food or the movie or whatnot when I'm feeling like the only lonesome there. Ugh.

Plus, rent is hella expensive! It's nearly 3x what I would pay in graduate housing. To pay more and feel lonely is not worth it in my view. So, moving back to Irvine!

I've been posting ads on Craig's List to sell miscellaneous items that I don't use or need, and getting rid of furniture. I'm going to buy myself a REAL bed and a REAL desk for my "new" place. I think I'm old enough now. Tired of sleeping on futon mattresses.


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