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Title is taken from an extremely funny AU fanfic entitled, "Harry Potter and the Slippery Secret" by NGX'S Girl X.

The move was a total NIGHTMARE. I had booked professional movers that I had found through the yellow pages, and my mom decided that she would help me find ones that were cheaper. So, I canceled my movers and made an appointment with the one that she found either through the Chinese newspaper or directory. The movers were scheduled to arrive 10am on Wednesday, August 29. I called them at 9am to confirm the booking, and the owner told me that he had tried to call me the day before. I thought to myself, well, it couldn't have been that important, since you didn't leave a message, and you only called ONCE. I asked him if something was wrong; he told me that one of his moving trucks was down for repairs. I thought, how is this my problem??? So, his employees couldn't make it to my place until 1pm. I was annoyed, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't exactly book different movers on the same day.

1:30pm rolled around, I called the moving company. What is going on? Oh, so sorry, the movers will be there by 2pm. 2:30pm rolled around. What the hell is going on?! Oh, here's the cell phone number for the driver. Find out where he is. He should be close by now. I called, and the driver wonders aloud what the boss is thinking. Can't I hear all the banging in the background? That's the truck being repaired. He's NOT stuck in traffic; he's still at the repair shop! The earliest the truck can be to my place is around 5pm. I got so angry, that I started crying (after I got off the phone!). I called my friend to vent, and he kindly offered to round up anyone he knows who can help me move if the movers completely fall through. Next, I called my mom since it's partially her responsibility that this whole day has gone to the crappers. She called the moving company, and spoke to them in Chinese. I have no idea what she said to them. She called me back and told me that the movers will be there around 5pm.

5:30pm rolled around... No movers. I began looking through the yellow pages to find a restaurant to deliver food for the possible friends-of-friends movers who will most likely be helping me after all. 6:30pm rolls around, the movers from the moving company, including the boss himself, arrived FINALLY. The entire move took from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. I didn't eat dinner until 11pm.

And the boss had the gall to demand the full amount of money for the move, despite keeping me waiting for 8 HOURS! That's technically a day of work that he cost me! I was tired, hungry, and frankly amazed at his gall. I paid him just to get rid of him.

I have mostly settled into my new apartment. I have sorted out the kitchen and bathroom. I even sorted out the mess that was the storage closet -- mostly because I needed to make space for my stuff in there as well as my roommate's. However, I still have not sorted out my room. I sorted out my clothes, especially after an entire Sunday afternoon devoted to assembling my new chest of drawers (which earned me a bruise in the middle of my right hand from all the torque needed to screw the pieces together), but I have not sorted out my 18 boxes of books. My dad, after the labor needed for the chest of drawers I felt too exhausted to do anymore furniture assembly, helped me put together the bed frame, and he promised to make wall shelves for my books. That may take a week to two weeks to accomplish, so the books will stay in their boxes for now. I am still trying to sell miscellaneous kitchen items that I don't need or use, the filing cabinets (that I repainted black before I decided I wasn't going to keep them after all), as well as the two Billy bookcases. If those don't sell in a week, then I'll paint them black and use them in my room rather than get more wall shelving from Home Depot.

I also splurged on Labor Day and bought a black Bedford Desk set from Pottery Barn. Hey, it was on sale! Full retail would've cost $811.88 with tax and before shipping! I paid only $699! Wahoo! But I'm going to have to lug the filing cabinets (which make up the base) and the desktop from my car to my apartment (on the second floor -- no elevator). Eh. I can do it! Now, I'm just waiting for all the pieces to arrive at Pottery Barn. The store manager will call me when they have everything.

All this, the move, the unpacking, the settling in, on top of working two jobs. I had the grading last week while I moved, and I still have technical issues with my classes at CSU Fullerton that need to be resolved. I'm pooped. My summer has whomped my willow but good.


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