Mar. 1st, 2008 07:08 pm
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Thursday morning I found it odd that the bag of frozen fruit I use everyday to make my fruit shake was squishy. I thought, oh, either my roommie or I must've forgotten to close the freezer door all the way. Oh well.

Oh nothing. The refrigerator had a meltdown -- LITERALLY! This is the second time this has happened to me living in grad housing. It was DISGUSTING. I spent Friday waiting for the housing people to deliver a new refrigerator, emptying the 'frig, refilling the 'frig, and trying to figure out what to do with all the defrosted chicken and pork I had. I eventually decided to marinade most of the meat, and do a buffalo chicken fry-up with some of the chicken. Only, I forgot to get eggs to make the batter. Oops.

Today, I roasted all the pork (in two different marinades) and then I separated it all into individual portions and refroze the cooked meat. I still have to fry-up or roast the chicken that's been marinating. And I have to buy those eggs. Wonderful.

I also have another housing problem. My roommie is seriously thinking of leaving the program. To that end, she wants to take an LOA and move out at the end of the quarter. That would be fine with me if I didn't now have to worry about paying rent on the entire apartment. We're trying to get her housing contract changed from a domestic partnership to just an individual contract. That way, I wouldn't be liable for paying the rent for both rooms. However, that will depend on whether or not I'm within the "normative" schedule for graduating. If I am, great, I can be an individual contract-holder with her. If not... I really, really don't want to have to move again.

On top of all of this hassle, I got another parking ticket. Fuck me. I hate my life right now.
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I got woken up this morning by some kind of fight in the building next door. I have no idea what was going on, but if the exchange had lasted longer than the 2 minutes it took, I would've called the cops.

With that auspicious beginning, I got ready for my day of errands, a power-lunch with Nichole, and invigilating a final exam. I got my eyebrows threaded -- ouch! After more than a month of going au naturel. Yikes. I ran over to Target to return some stuff I got by mistake, and then buy the stuff I was supposed to have bought. Made it early to my lunch meeting, but Nichole was held up by a staff meeting. I had to start without her since the final exam was at 1pm, and we were supposed to meet at noon. I ran over to invigilate the exam. Ugh. I hate being hot and sweaty when I'm not in the gym. That's the only place where perspiration should occur. I collected the exams, and went over to Women's Studies to see if I could do a lectureship position with them since I heard from Nichole that they were looking to hire part-time adjunct faculty for this academic year. Unfortunately, the university has changed its policy regarding both lectureships and leaves of absence. It used to be 6 quarters of LOA available to grad students, and they could potentially be lecturers for the university system while either on leave or still enrolled in the grad program as long as they had advanced to candidacy. Well, they've completely nixed the latter, and limited the former to only 3 quarters. Ugh. Thanks so much. This on top of cutting funding for 7th years. Nice.

So, after discovering this wonderful news, I dropped off a few unneeded books at the library and then I met up with my potential sublesser (?).

Ah, my housing situation is resolved! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! *throws confetti merrily* I was worried that subletting from her would mean that I would have to move again during Summer 2008, but thankfully she is the sole lease-holder for the apartment. Since she still has two more years in our grad program before the "normative" 7 years, then that's at least two years of guaranteed housing for me! *throws more confetti* Hopefully, I will finish before the end of those two years, but it's good to have housing squared away for that long.

Yes, from paying a monthly rent of $1100 to $488! *yet more confetti* Life is looking up -- at last!


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