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Well, it got hot enough today, especially after making a trip on foot to the post office, that I spent 30 minutes breaking out the portable air conditioner I purchased last summer. It took that long mostly just to find where I had stashed all the parts. *scratches head* I don't know why I didn't just keep everything together. I had the hardest time trying to remember where I had put the ventilation tube.

So, I hooked everything up, and turned the unit on. While it was cool right in front of the unit, it didn't feel like it was actually cooling down the room. Pooh. It actually felt cooler outside after I turned the unit off after a few hours. Ugh.

I also had an electrical problem when I tried running the microwave, my laptop, and the unit at the same time. I had to reset my circuit breakers. Geez.

And now I'm watching the heat advisories on the nightly news while I type this. There's a warning in effect for San Bernadino (sp?) Valley for tomorrow. Yikes.
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This is why, as I told my friend Mike, I have problems with the research but not the writing of my dissertation. I just finished (reading!) another article last night, and I went through the Works Cited to see which, if any, sources I should peruse for my dissertation. I wrote down the titles of five books. I'm going to have to do this with EVERY article.

Yes, I'm whining. I know. Don't read if you find it annoying.

God, I wish I was a graduate student when New Criticism was still in vogue. Then I could write without having to do all this contextual research. And I find it especially sucky that my undergraduate education emphasized a New Critical approach, rather than a New Historicist approach (which is now what everyone and what I HAVE to do).

On another note, it's hot as hell in my apartment. I am contemplating breaking out the portable air conditioner. The heat is exacerbating my healing itchy skin. I still don't know what caused the itchy skin in the first place, but I bet that the heat was a contributing factor. Ugh.


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