Jul. 20th, 2007 02:34 pm
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So, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out tonight. I haven't reserved a copy, and I'm not really interested in buying the HP series -- of which, I only have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I borrowed books 1 and 2 from a friend, and book 5 I spent an afternoon reading at Borders. Heh. Teh cheapskate am I.

I want to know what happens, but I'm not really motivated to find out. I assume that I'll borrow a copy from a friend, and just skim to the end.

This is very ironic since I love the fandom so much, particularly fanfic.

In other news, I can't seem to breath well for the last few days. Horrible sinus allergies! Ugh! I hate it when my body "betrays" me.

I also spent a small fortune (at least it is to me) on books from Powells and an "instant" screen door from eBay (well, it wasn't THAT expensive, but on top of the cost of the books...). The former is for my dissertation, and the latter is to keep bugs out when I try to cool down my apartment by putting a high-powered fan in the doorway. This ventilating my apartment may also be at the root of my allergies, since all the dust and other allergens are being practically INVITED in. Can't help it. Using an a/c unit costs too much in electricity, and I'm always afraid of contributing to rolling black-outs.

I may have housing for the upcoming academic year! A friend is looking for a subletter, and this may work in my favor. We still need to meet and discuss the concrete details. Finally, some certainty in my topsy-turvy world.


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