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So, I sold the refrigerator - yay! I was really worried that I'd have to take it with me when I moved, and then try to sell it from my new apartment, which would not have made my new roommie happy. However, I did have to lower the price to $275 from $350. *sniff* I started listing it on Craig's List for $350, and then I had to lower it as the weeks passed and on one came to buy it (though I had some flaky people who said they would, and never showed).

I also sold one of the bookcases, so now there're only two left to sell, and I sold the futon mattress, though again I had to lower the price from $50 to $30. Phooey. I also sold the desk accessories to the same guy who bought the fridge, and he had the gall to accuse me of being a "burglar" who's taking all his money when he picked up more than four things from my pile of "to sell" items and took them without paying my asking price on the posting! So, essentially, he only paid for the desk accessories, the bookcase, and the fridge, while he got two sets of martini glasses, a chrome utensil tray, a framed poster, a steel lotion dispenser, and a shoji screen for free! *gnashes teeth* This is what happens when you're desperate to sell; the vultures just come circling in, and pick your bones clean.

So, I have two bookcases, the occasional table, and my filing cabinets left of the "big" furniture, and I have several miscellaneous household goods such as a towel holder, steel vase, steel retro bucket, etc.

Well, my uncles from Taiwan are visiting, and I'm going to meet them for dinner now. Perhaps the rest of the "big" furniture will sell tomorrow? Or not.
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Actually, Saturday (for some weird reason) was the official first day of instruction, but today was my first day teaching my T/Th classes. I was called at 7:30pm last week by the assistant program administrator if I could please, please take on the 8:30am class since the original instructor had left without any warning (or explanation). I caved.

Waking up today at 6am... Not fun. Felt really tired towards the last half hour of my second class which runs from 11:30am to 12:45pm. Interestingly enough, only one of my students from either course is actually majoring in Asian American Studies. Everyone else is taking the course to fulfill GE requirements.

And even though I arrived at the office at 7:50am, I was still late to the 8:30am class. Why? Because the stupid photocopier was broken, and I couldn't figure out which printer was the one next to my computer from the network printers. I ended up leaving the whole mess to the assistant coordinator to shove off on her student worker when she arrived. Felt very unprofessional arriving late.

I also do not have website/Blackboard access yet. I was hired late, on the recommendation of one of the professors I had TA'ed for in the past, so all of my paperwork is late. Ugh. I had to email the pdf file for the article they're supposed to read for Thursday to them rather than post it and have them download the file at their leisure. It's not that it's difficult to do, but that it's imprecise. I tell them, and tell them, to write their email addresses down LEGIBLY, yet I still get bounced back email messages. *scratches head* Well... those two students, unless they're conscientious enough to email me before Thursday, won't have the article. Oh well. Nothing I can do, really.

Off to take a nap now. So tired...
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Lots to do, so little inclination to do it.

I finished the syllabus for the class on Asian American Women. I decided to split the 15 weeks into Part I: history, politics, sociology, and Part II: popular culture. Most of the reading will be from articles that I need to scan into pdf format. And I just spent ONE HOUR scanning two articles (approx. 30 pages) only to discover, when I converted the images into pdf, that the sucky, stinky scanner had cut off portions of pages! Argh! The missing portions aren't even from the top or bottom; they're from the edges. *grinds teeth* I will have to take the mess of anthologies and books to campus and use the library media center to scan the articles. Stupid, shitty scanner.

I also decided this week that the money I get from selling items on Craig's List will go towards paying professional movers. I had hoped to save some of that money by hiring a truck and getting either day laborers or friends to help me get stuff loaded and unloaded. Unfortunately, that also depended on my doing some "light" moving before the end of the month whenever I went down to Irvine. However, my new roommie is too stressed out with studying for her exams (which I completely understand) to make room for my boxes o' stuff, and so she'd rather I waited until the last week of August to move. Well, that kind of time crunch means that I would be doing a lot of back-and-forth for the last week of August, and I'm just not up for that physically, emotionally, psychologically, not too mention my poor car isn't up for that either. I decided to save myself some mental and physical stress by hiring movers rather than doing it myself.

And I just got back from dinner at Todai's with my family. We celebrated my mom's birthday with an orgy of sushi. I'm now fit to burst. Ugh. Too full, too full, about to explode! Food coma. Must sleep it off.
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I got woken up this morning by some kind of fight in the building next door. I have no idea what was going on, but if the exchange had lasted longer than the 2 minutes it took, I would've called the cops.

With that auspicious beginning, I got ready for my day of errands, a power-lunch with Nichole, and invigilating a final exam. I got my eyebrows threaded -- ouch! After more than a month of going au naturel. Yikes. I ran over to Target to return some stuff I got by mistake, and then buy the stuff I was supposed to have bought. Made it early to my lunch meeting, but Nichole was held up by a staff meeting. I had to start without her since the final exam was at 1pm, and we were supposed to meet at noon. I ran over to invigilate the exam. Ugh. I hate being hot and sweaty when I'm not in the gym. That's the only place where perspiration should occur. I collected the exams, and went over to Women's Studies to see if I could do a lectureship position with them since I heard from Nichole that they were looking to hire part-time adjunct faculty for this academic year. Unfortunately, the university has changed its policy regarding both lectureships and leaves of absence. It used to be 6 quarters of LOA available to grad students, and they could potentially be lecturers for the university system while either on leave or still enrolled in the grad program as long as they had advanced to candidacy. Well, they've completely nixed the latter, and limited the former to only 3 quarters. Ugh. Thanks so much. This on top of cutting funding for 7th years. Nice.

So, after discovering this wonderful news, I dropped off a few unneeded books at the library and then I met up with my potential sublesser (?).

Ah, my housing situation is resolved! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! *throws confetti merrily* I was worried that subletting from her would mean that I would have to move again during Summer 2008, but thankfully she is the sole lease-holder for the apartment. Since she still has two more years in our grad program before the "normative" 7 years, then that's at least two years of guaranteed housing for me! *throws more confetti* Hopefully, I will finish before the end of those two years, but it's good to have housing squared away for that long.

Yes, from paying a monthly rent of $1100 to $488! *yet more confetti* Life is looking up -- at last!
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Okay, so the title is a bit weird, but it was what came to mind when silently chanting, "Moving, moving, moving" in my head.

I'm packing up home and hearth, and moving house -- again! Well, at least it's not a yearly event, as it was during my undergraduate years. *shudder* I've stuck it out in LA for two years now. Sadly, when you're not a total party-animal or clubber or have a partner, LA is rather lonely and isolating. There's so much to do, but I can't go to restaurants and cultural events by myself. I would feel even more lonely if I did that, and I couldn't enjoy my food or the movie or whatnot when I'm feeling like the only lonesome there. Ugh.

Plus, rent is hella expensive! It's nearly 3x what I would pay in graduate housing. To pay more and feel lonely is not worth it in my view. So, moving back to Irvine!

I've been posting ads on Craig's List to sell miscellaneous items that I don't use or need, and getting rid of furniture. I'm going to buy myself a REAL bed and a REAL desk for my "new" place. I think I'm old enough now. Tired of sleeping on futon mattresses.
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I drove 90 minutes down the highway to get to my job interview. The interview itself lasted only 30 minutes. Ugh. And I didn't take my water bottle because I didn't want to have to rush to the bathroom before or during the interview. I was sooo thirsty.

The interview was pretty low-key. They had an interview sheet with four questions. There were three interviewers: dean of the school, chair of the department, and course director. They were very nice. I'm not sure if I'll get a class from them. They told me that they were trying to create a pool of available instructors in case any of their current instructors declined to teach this coming semester. The college also has a LONGER semester system than I had thought. The semester system for them is 16.75 weeks (and yes, that's the actual number they used!). CSU Fullerton has 15 weeks, and 1 week for final exams.

Wow, instead of more concrete footing, my life is even more filled with uncertainty! I MAYBE have teaching for Fall 2007, and I maybe DON'T have teaching. Well, this sucks.


Jul. 24th, 2007 09:51 pm
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So, LJ was down most of today. WTF? Whatever. LJ's been a bit spotty in terms of connecting ever since I opened an account (a grand total of 1 month!), almost making me feel like I'm using dial-up instead of dsl. Meh.

Well, I baked a crustless broccoli-cheddar quiche today. Here's a picture of it:

Mine was all in one dish since I only have one really, really small ramekin, whereas the recipe calls for four to six, of average size. One of these days I'll buy the really cute microwaveable, oven-safe, dishwasher-safe individual footed-soup tureens at Crate and Barrel. Then I'll be able to make French onion soup! Yay!

I modified the recipe without even trying it "straight" the first time. I added more broccoli, and I added onions (and next time I'll sauté them first; they were a bit "raw" despite being blanched with the broccoli). Hmm, I think I'll add even more broccoli next time! It was yummy-licious! A heart-healthy veggie!

I've been working on the syllabus for a class on Asian American Women for CSU Fullerton. I'm slated to teach it, but that's only if the class has enough enrollment. Most of the reading will be chapters or articles from anthologies. I'll scan them into pdf format and post them on a website. Hopefully, I'll have access to webtools through CSU Fullerton to do that. I don't want to make an expensive reader. All else fails, I'll make a few copies of the relevant articles, and make the sets available to the students to copy on their own time and dime. Still cheaper than having to pay copyright fees on top of the cost of making photocopies. *fingers crossed*

I also have an interview with Saddleback College (a community college) tomorrow afternoon. Ugh. Wish me luck!
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So, I've been wearing my jammies all day long -- since I got out of bed. I haven't changed at all. I'm wearing my new Hello Kitty pajama set with black camisole edged in pink and black-n-white capris with pink threading. Here's a picture of the print for my capris (mind, this picture is of a pair of shorts, while I'm wearing capris):

They are SUPER CUTE! And REALLY comfortable!

And, yes, I'm SUPER weird for buying them. I am almost thirty years old. A bit overage for Hello Kitty, no? But... SO CUTE and COMFORTABLE!

I thought I had grown out of my Hello Kitty cuteness obsession. I went through it during junior high and a little bit of high school. For some reason, I just couldn't resist buying this set when I saw it at TJ Max.


Jul. 20th, 2007 02:34 pm
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So, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out tonight. I haven't reserved a copy, and I'm not really interested in buying the HP series -- of which, I only have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I borrowed books 1 and 2 from a friend, and book 5 I spent an afternoon reading at Borders. Heh. Teh cheapskate am I.

I want to know what happens, but I'm not really motivated to find out. I assume that I'll borrow a copy from a friend, and just skim to the end.

This is very ironic since I love the fandom so much, particularly fanfic.

In other news, I can't seem to breath well for the last few days. Horrible sinus allergies! Ugh! I hate it when my body "betrays" me.

I also spent a small fortune (at least it is to me) on books from Powells and an "instant" screen door from eBay (well, it wasn't THAT expensive, but on top of the cost of the books...). The former is for my dissertation, and the latter is to keep bugs out when I try to cool down my apartment by putting a high-powered fan in the doorway. This ventilating my apartment may also be at the root of my allergies, since all the dust and other allergens are being practically INVITED in. Can't help it. Using an a/c unit costs too much in electricity, and I'm always afraid of contributing to rolling black-outs.

I may have housing for the upcoming academic year! A friend is looking for a subletter, and this may work in my favor. We still need to meet and discuss the concrete details. Finally, some certainty in my topsy-turvy world.
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I sent off another application to a part-time instructor position for a different community college on Monday. Go me. Yes, can you feel the total enervation?

Tuesday I sent off an eBay package to a buyer -- one of my cat supplies that got auctioned off. *flings confetti half-heartedly* Then I went and worked out at the local gym. Go me.

Today I bought some groceries, deposited some money at the bank, and now I feel totally drained. It's not been horrible week. I think it's just the stress and anxiety that feels like a dark cloud following me everywhere. Kind of like Pig-pen from Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, but it's not dirt and general uncleanliness; it's just a kind of low-key worry that threatens to blossom into an outright panic attack. Meh.

So I just have a general feeling of un-wellness that's mostly emotional and psychological. Fun.
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Well, I sent off an application to a community college for a part-time faculty position teaching English composition. Joy. Hopefully, if I do get the job, they'll let me set up the course the way that I want to. I hate teaching to a set syllabus. In my experience so far (and in the experience of many of my cohort), set syllabuses for composition courses frequently never turn out well.

Especially if there are arbitrary mandates like, four essays per term (even though we're on a quarter system of TEN WEEKS), with revisions, drafts, and one-on-one appointments. Good god. No one's paid enough for that kind of work -- especially if they expect the comp instructor to actually TEACH! I mean, how do you help each student in a class of 23 learn to write well in TEN WEEKS with that kind of schedule??? It's insane!

Well, at least community colleges are on semester-systems. That's got to be better for comp classes.

So Lost

Jul. 6th, 2007 12:33 pm
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I found out yesterday that my department is cutting funding for ALL seventh-year graduate students. There are more students than there is funding. AGAIN.

When I sent out emails to other departments looking for funding as a TA, I was asked in return whether I had reached the maximum number of quarters for such funding.

What am I going to do?! I have no idea if I have reached the max limit for TAships. I emailed my program administrator to ask. She hasn't replied yet. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing until NEXT year, NOT this year.

Not only am I strapped for funding, but I am also still hoping to get a place in graduate housing. This is a nightmare. My whole life is filled to the brim with uncertainty right now. I am trying to move to somewhere cheaper only I may not be able to afford "cheaper" either if I don't get paid work. Ugh!

Sorry, Shals. Looks like I won't be able to visit you in England in September. I was really, really hoping to do that. *sigh*


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