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Well, I finally got a job. Sadly, it's not full-time, and it's not permanent. It's a part-time, temporary gig substitute-teaching at a private school. I'm doing a combo English/World History. It pays well, but again only 3 hours Monday-Friday, and ends at the beginning of September. Better than nothing.

There are couple of university teaching positions in Taiwan that got posted last week. I'm iffy on one of them -- my cousin tells me that this particular uni is located where it just flooded in Taiwan. But hopefully it'll be all dried out if I get a job there! (Her words, not mine.) The other one is in Taipei, at the last furthermost north-eastern subway stop. That's the one that I would want to get. I have no desire to relocate to a city in a foreign country where I do not read the language and have no relatives/friends there. The exception to that being anywhere in Taipei since it has an excellent subway system, buses, and lots and lots of taxi cabs.
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Well, it's been over a month since my last posting. I've finally finished moving and unpacking. It took longer than it might have because I convinced my mom to remodel the closet in the room that used to be my brother's. She had had him do some light renovations that ended up making everything worse: no closet rod, doors that fell off or wouldn't move, etc. It was also FULL of crap that she put in there. Why does she need to have four memory foam pillows still in their boxes???

So, it took about a week to find a competent handyman and then to get the work done. After that, it took me a few days to figure out which books to unpack and how to organize them since in Verano I had four bookcases, and in my "new" room I only have two bookcases. There's also no TV in the family or living room, so I ended up splurging on a new computer/TV monitor. Yikes, it was expensive! And I still haven't gotten cable yet for it. That's another fiasco involving many, many bees.

All in all, it took me about four days to pack the majority of my crap, move it, and unload it. Then two to three weeks of unpacking and settling in. I also still had to make a few runs down to Irvine to get the last of my stuff and return the keys.

All this hassle on top of starting a new job and applying to faculty positions. It's not been fun. But now I finally feel like I can start working on the dissertation again. I was only able to work on revising Chapter 1 while all this was going on since I didn't have all of my books, and I didn't label every box exactly so I didn't know where all of my files were. Well, it sure surprised one of my committee members when I sent her the revised chapter less than three weeks after we had discussed revisions. I guess that's a fast turn-around. I'm not sure. It's not like I've ever written and revised a dissertation before.

I've also had a few adjustment issues at work, and one really snotty kid who I ended up telling the manager to find a new teacher for. I have compassion for ESL students, but not for ones that disrespect me. I really don't have the personality to get through to an angry, bratty kid. I can teach a confused and timid one, but not one that's going to act out, and against me. Perhaps that's my shortcoming, but I'm also not trained nor paid to deal with that. I feel a bit guilty, and I do feel sorry for the kid, but I'm no counselor or psychologist, which I feel he needs.


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