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Well, the good news is that someone purchased the boots I had on auction. Yay! *flings confetti* But the bad news is that Paypal charged me a percentage of the money. *sulks* And of course this is on top of the fees that eBay charged me for the auction in the first place.

I miss the good ol' days when eBay was pretty spankin' new and didn't charge people for starting auctions. Yes, those were quite a number of years ago, but the problem is that I REMEMBER that time. I used to auction stuff without having to pay "insertion fees" to eBay, and I used to receive payment through Paypal without having percentages deducted from the money earned through the auction! Phooey.

Yes, I'm probably being hypocritical, since I am earning money, so why shouldn't they? Capitalism: its success and failures. Urgh.
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I just won an auction on eBay for vintage Lincoln Beautyware Chrome canisters: tea and coffee. I was inspired by a friend who had purchased the same exact canisters from thrift stores to use to store her tea and coffee. I thought, geez, what a great and convenient way to store my tea! And when I saw the auction on eBay for tea and coffee canisters, I mused, hey, I could put herbal teas in the tea canister, and caffeinated teas in the coffee canister (since I don't drink coffee).

What do you think? Am I crazy? Well, I guess I kind of am, since I don't have anyone who looks at this page besides me, so essentially I'm talking to myself. Were these canisters worth the $17.53 (item cost & shipping) that I paid?

And I'm still looking for paid summer work too.


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