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Well, it's Friday, and no Lizzie cat. *sigh* She's gone, gone, gone...

I suppose she was more feral than I had thought. I had hoped she would come back on her lonesome, especially when she got hungry, but I suppose those early months of her life living on the streets left a lasting sense of wildness (?) that eight months with me couldn't erase.

Goodbye, Lizzie cat. I hope you're well.
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I don't know what's wrong with me. Last night, I started itching horribly! And the thing is, the irritated sections don't look like a rash, but like bug bites, yet they're in places that are covered by clothes! I am itching around my elbows, my knees, my armpits... Urgh!

However, if they're bug bites, then I think I would've noticed the swarm that was necessary to cause this many itchy sections of skin!

Maybe it's psychosomatic. I've been feeling anxious and worried about Lizzie cat. This afternoon, I thought I heard kitty caterwauling, but it might've been my imagination.
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My little kitty, Lizzie Cat, ran away this weekend. I've been leaving the door open at night and putting the fan in the doorway to cool down the apartment, and while I was in the bathroom on Saturday night, she ran off! I didn't notice until the next day, when the automatic pet feeder went off, and the food was still there a couple of hours later.

I had hoped she was smart enough to come home last night -- I left the door open again. But she didn't.

I can't put up posters or anything since my building actually doesn't allow pets. That would be like advertising that I violated my rental agreement.

I hope she comes back by the end of the week. If she doesn't come back by Friday, then I think she's just gone.


Jun. 20th, 2007 07:50 pm
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Well, last night, I thought it was a one-off: my cat started drooling on me. However, today, I had to acknowledge, that no, it was not a single occasion.

What is wrong with my cat??? Why does she act so much like a dog???

This drooling is just the newest dog-like behavior she's exhibited so far. First there was the chewing of my shoes. Next was the gnawing on my slippers -- while I was wearing them! Now it's the drooling. Is my cat actually a dog in the guise of a cat??? Sounds kinda like a Chinese philosophical question: am I a person who dreamt she was a butterfly, or am I a butterfly who dreams that she is a person? I think that's from Lao Tze (or Tse), but my Chinese history class was waaay back in undergrad, and I can't be totally sure.

This is one for Samuel Beckett to write about.


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