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Another little gem from grading the midterm exams for my Asian American Studies course:

A white male thought Chinese Vincent was Japanese and killed him because the white man lost his job in detroit which was caused by the Japanese car.

Well... I had no idea that cars were the leading cause of unemployment. Damn you, Disney, for animating and personifying those insidious automobiles!
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I've been giving pop quizzes in my class. I warned them on the first day that there would be pop quizzes throughout the semester, and it even stated in the syllabus that 100 points out of 1000 are allotted to quizzes. So, I gave them a simple one recently, and the second question asked:

The "second wave" of refugees were split into two categories by method of travel. Name these categories.

One of my students wrote:

Chinese and Japanese.

Wow, I had no idea I had become a method of travel. *scratches head* That's certainly news to me!
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So, I'm grading midterm exams for a Women's Studies class, and I find a (sad) funny. The student chose to define "genetic engineering" as one of the terms for Part I, and this is the entry:

"Men are smarter in math" therefore they are better as an engineer. Men have their gene as an engineer.

Nice to see that a summer class is not a complete waste of time, no?
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While procrastinating grading final exams, finishing my syllabus for Fall 2007 at CSU Fullerton, and more packing, I found this youtube.com video from my flist, and I just had to pass it on! Sooo funny! And sooo sad since many of these "errors" I also found in my students' essays over the years.

Click 'n play! And laugh!
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Well, something to 'hang up' in the 'blog of shame'. A student defined the term "third space" as the following:

This terms refers to the Chicano feminist idea of a space between pop culture and an imaginary river.

Nice to see that ten weeks of trying to drill in terms and concepts about gender and popular culture somehow hasn't utterly failed, right? *facepalm* If I couldn't laugh about these things, then I'd have to cry.


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