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I have dated some, here and there, but nothing ever really works out. My "relationships" all end up being very short in duration, and usually end because of personality clashes.

Yet, I ended up in an enjoyable lip-lock this afternoon with Mr. X. Mr. X was newly hired at my uni when I was a grad student -- in a different department! No conflict of interest, there! Both the admin program manager of his department and myself goggled at him when he first stepped foot on campus. I asked her if he was married, and she told me that she thought he was -- torpedoing any hopes.

Fast forward some years to June 2009, and I see him after a two-year hiatus from taking a leave of absence intermittently with sporadic TA-ships on campus. I was trying to file my dissertation that week when we ran into each other. We start chatting and talking as if we were old friends, and we end up meeting again later that month for coffee/tea. I finally get up the nerve to ask if he is married because his meeting me late at night, without having to leave word for a girlfriend or wife, and the lack of a ring on his ring finger have all made me suddenly suspicious that the program manager might have been wrong about Mr. X's marital status. And yes, she was wrong: he's single.

The summer rolls by with some text messaging and Google-chatting, but no meetings. Then we meet up for lunch to celebrate my job offer today. As I'm about to exit his car, we hug. And somehow it turns into a long embrace, at the end of which we kiss.

During our hot make-out session, he tells me that he was interested in me when we first met, but that I came across as reserved to him so he wasn't sure his interest was reciprocated or perhaps he was being unprofessional (it was his first tenure-track job after all). I retorted that of course I'd be reserved if I thought he was married. Oh, the perils of assumptions!

Now... what the hell is this??? I'm leaving for Taiwan on Jan. 5. It's not like I'll see him again for months and months. My fucking weird dating luck. Ugh.
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