Sep. 8th, 2009

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ETA: Well, I guess no one is interested. I won't be starting a side-business selling my craft work. oh well...

So... I've been getting very into my fashion magazines lately. What does this mean? I got obsessed with the recent craze for feather hair clips. I don't really like the headbands with feathers, and I couldn't really find any clips that I liked. At least, nothing affordable. The only one I found that I liked was by Jennifer Behr seen here:

It costs a whopping $62 (!!!). I decided that I, being crafty in the way of making my own costume jewelry, some of my own clothes, and knitting scarves for myself and others, could make one of my very own -- for waaaay less money. So, I did.

Seen here as modeled by my lovely cousin. There is also some bead work at the bottom that isn't in Behr's version. Hee.

It came out so well, that I thought: maybe I could sell them? I dunno. Does anyone out there who has friended me like this clip? Would you be willing to pay $15 for it plus s/h (maybe another $3-$5)? Please let me know! Also let me know if you have any suggestions for internet venues for selling my little hair accessory (besides Ebay -- I don't want to pay seller's fees when I'm not sure if it will sell). Thanks in advance!


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