May. 28th, 2009

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Yes, it's a play on Waiting for Godot. Hopefully, my wait won't be in futility as it was in that play. I'm waiting on the last hold-out on my dissertation committee to sign the damn approval forms. Sigh. Everyone else has signed (whether or not they read all -- or any! -- of the dissertation is up for debate, but meh). But this guy... Geez. He replaced the troubling-troublesome previous committee member, and now he's causing trouble -- or at least inconvenience. And money if I have to file during the summer!

I tried to "nudge" him by alluding to applying for tenure-track positions with deadlines in the middle of June -- just a few short days after the final submission deadline for Spring '09. No joy. He said that submitting later shouldn't impact my job applications. What. The. Hell. Where has he been??? Having a degree in hand when applying to t-t jobs always looks much better than not having it. I'm pretty sure that the first cut on competitive jobs is based on whether the candidate has the degree yet or not, especially in today's market where budgets for schools are being slashed right and left. Argh.

In other news, I've internalized the realization that I am a total bitch when I'm as stressed as I was only just a week ago. Now, even with this lone hold-out on my committee, I'm feeling less likely to commit homicide if anyone asks about my dissertation progress. I'm very mean to my poor mom when I'm that stressed out. Of course, her weirdly inappropriate light-heartedness whenever she asked me about my dissertation provoked bitchier responses than would be normal -- i.e., ratcheting up from a stink-eye to a tantrum.


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