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So... I got job offers from both universities in Taiwan! Yay! I am soooo relieved. I accepted the one that was located in Taipei, since it's the capital, I have relatives there, and I've lived in different parts of Taipei before. The other university was in the countryside, right smack where it flooded this summer. *shudders* Doesn't sound fun at all.

I've told friends, colleagues, the chair and committee members of my dissertation committee, etc. I have not yet told my mother. Weird, huh? At first, it was because I didn't want her "advice," as (not-)helpful as it has always been. I wanted to make up my own mind without her influence. Now... I just feel weird. I dunno if she'll be happy or just rain all over my parade (which is her usual MO). Hard to predict her response.

But I'm getting out of here at last!!! Yay!!! Living rent-free at home is not as carefree (in the literal sense) as it may initially seem. There have been quite a few incidents of "motherly love" and just her personal (in)sanity issues recently.

I'm already planning the move in my head. What will I take, what will I need to do before I get there, who in my family might be able to help, what will I need to do once I get there, etc. It's all a big jumble. I start work Feb. 2010. Seems like such a short time to do all these things. But! I'm LEAVING!!!
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