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Well... It's now Tuesday, and the St. Cloud people said that they would call the successful candidate on Friday. I definitely didn't get the job.

I went over my folders of employment application stuff, and I started deleting all the received-rejection-letters and past-due-to-contact-for-employment. So, I applied to approximately sixteen-eighteen jobs, and now I'm down to MAYBE eight that might still contact me. That's not even a MAYBE job offer; just might contact me for an interview. Wow, this bites.

In related news, I've been trawling Craig's list for non-academic jobs. I have a job interview lined up for a kind of sketchy place that advertised starting salaries from $50k to $70k. Seems rather suspect. The woman who answered the phone sounded young, and would only tell me that the company worked with fragrances. Hmmm... Whatever. The $50k starting salary sounded good. The only other full-time, non-academic job I've seen on Craig's list that I'm qualified for had a starting salary of $30k. That would be fine if I had just gotten my Bachelor's. A bit low, but okay for that amount of education. But for a PhD? I hope I'm not being elitest by considering that unreasonably low. Ugh.

Tomorrow, I also have to drop off my poor car to be repaired. I scraped the rightside of the car when I parked it when I was trying to get some distance from the parental unit after an argument. I should've just walked off the mad, rather than trying to drive off the mad. Live and learn. Anger and driving are non-mixy things, as Buffy would say.
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